Superior Appearance Coatings


High Performance Coatings offers hi-tech appearance coatings to make your method of rapid transit look great. HiPerCrystal™ & HiPerColour™ coatings are much more durable than enamel paints and powder coatings and offer excellent resistance to scratching, chipping and chemicals, even DOT3 brake fluid.




Burninshed Clear

 Gloss Black 


Matt Black



Satin Black

Sterling Siver





Unlike powder coating, HiPerCrystal™and HiPerColour™ will easily withstand temperatures of 260°C. These coatings are especially suited for components such as , valve covers, air-inlet tubes and Intercooler piping, brackets, brake calipers, suspension pieces, strut brace, motorcycle frames, steel wheels, air cleaners and just about anything else metal.



(Not suitable for zinc diecast parts)

HPC's HiPerCrystal™ colours have a jewel like effect, being translucent, HiPerCrystal™ allows light to go through to a reflective base (HiPerCoat™ Polished or Chrome).
HiPerColour™ are 'solid' colours that look great.
HiPerCoat™ can be applied to items to give them that great 'polished aluminium look'. This is our most popular colour for decorative purposes.


Cadnium Yellow   Colbolt Blue       Crystal Bronze     Electric Blue

Emerald Green         Purple              Raspberry               Red




HiPerCoat™ polished on steel truck rims make a dull drab truck rim look great. Very cost effective when alloys cannot be fitted to an existing axle. HiPerCoat™ is not only easier to maintain than alloy rims but is harder wearing and will protect the rim from corrosion.



Powder Coating Range

HPC specialises in small run powder coating for one off items or small numbers. We keep a select range of colours in stock, but are also able to obtain many more. Powder coat is a great cost effective way of tiding up non critical parts, such as brackets, sub frames, alloy rims and parts that are'nt subject to high heat or tough chemicals. Powder will take up to 100°C before it will soften.  Powder coat can only be applied to metal parts, not wood or plastic due to this. Powder is not just applied to car parts, it is also used for many other applications like eg: bicycle / motorcycle  frames, furniture parts, boat parts, engineering projects and just about anything thats made of metal.






At HPC Coatings we have four coating ranges. HiPerCrystal™, HiPerColour™, HiPerCoat™ & PowderCoat



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