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Exhaust Heat Management


Fact: HPC’s Exhaust coatings have revolutionised the header industry. Our coatings are unmatched for protection against rust, cracking and burn through.

  • The original ceramic header coating
  • Superior corrosion protection; self-sacrificial quality will not allow corrosion to develop even when damaged
  • Guarantees against subsurface rust and corrosion
  • Performance gains from increased exhaust velocity, improved airflow and reduced ambient under hood temperature
  • Rapid cool-down
  • Colour availability
  • Will not blue or stain
  • Eliminates thermal fatigue and oxidation
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Protection at temperatures of –190°C to 700°C
  • Can be applied to both new and used components
  • Available in HiPerCoat Polished, Galv look, Satin Black and Cast Iron Grey


HiPerCoat’s™ inorganic matrix provides greater protection, avoids the staining or bluing characteristics found with chrome and stainless.

This unique ceramic-aluminium coating process reduces ambient under hood temperature while increasing horsepower. Performance benefits can be attributed to: combustion chamber stabilization and reduced under hood temperature; improved air density; increased gas velocity due to the heat retaining properties of the coating; and better laminar air flow due to the elimination of oxide scale on the header’s inside diameter.

Unlike Exhaust wrap HiPerCoat™ is bonded to the part, protecting it from high temperature corrosion. HiPerCoat™ will not absorb moisture. It is coated inside and out and is recoatable.

To keep your HiPerCoat™ polished aluminium finish looking brand new HPC has developed Liquid Buff™ Polish. This specially formulated product will keep a ‘like new’ shine to your coated components.

Thermal Fatigue

Often mistaken for rust, thermal fatigue/oxidation is a problem caused by cyclical temperatures and hot gas impingement. HiPerCoat™ retards oxidation and heat build up even at temperatures of over 1,600°F ( 871°C). Bonded on to steel, it extends component survivability by over 100 times.

Temperature Reduction Graph

Corrosion Protection

Applications – Who Benefits

Field performance proven HiPerCoat™ has the unique ability to protect components against corrosion even when the coating is damaged. It was the first coating of its kind in the automotive industry and remains unsurpassed in quality.

Corrosion Graph

HiPerCoat™ would be used by anyone who has a set of headers, manifolds or extractors on their car, bike or truck. 
Applications include:

  • Drag Racing – import and V8
  • Circuit Racing – any car or bike class that allows exhaust coatings
  • Classic Car Restoration
  • Hot Rodding
  • Go Karts
  • Jet Ski
  • Jet Boat
  • Vintage Cars
  • Inboard Engined Boats
  • Hybrids
  • Any vehicle that the owner wants to personalise

V8 Header

For turbo charged, super charged, rotary or other applications where component temperature will exceed 1300°F (700°C) for continuous periods we recommend our HiPerCoat Extreme™ coating.

HiPerCoat™ is a must for any parts on a Car/Boat/Bike that need detailing to give that professional finishing touch to them. See Appearance & Decorative for example




Cast Iron Grey


Galv Look



HiPerCoat Extreme™


“A drop of 530°C (986°F) impressed everyone and proves that HPC’s products really do work.” – New Zealand Performance Car Magazine – November 1996

Why use HiPerCoat Extreme™?

Hot stagnant air under hood – it’s a problem worsened today by increased exhaust gas temperatures from leaner air/fuel mixtures, turbochargers and small displacement/high horsepower engines.
Combined with aerodynamics designed to pass air over and around the car rather than through it, the solution is HPC’s HiPerCoat Extreme™ process. Unlike other “2000°F“ coatings, HiPerCoat Extreme™ is a true thermal barrier and is even FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) certified.

Benefits of using HiPerCoat Extreme™

On-tracking testing has shown as much as a 35% reduction in under hood ambient temperature and more than 50% reduction in component skin temperature. HiPerCoat Extreme’s™ superior insulation qualities mean increased horsepower for your race or turbo-charged engine. HPC’s HiPerCoat Extreme™ helps to maintain exhaust gas temperatures, increasing flow velocity, aiding in cylinder scavenging and decreasing turbo spool-up time.

An additional benefit is the reduction of underhood temperatures, preventing damage to hoses, belts and wiring harnesses. Independent testing of a turbo charged Mazda engine has shown a 5% increase in horsepower when HiPerCoat Extreme™ was used on the exhaust manifold, turbo and downpipe.

4 Stroke Bike Headers

Who Benefits From Using HiPerCoat Extreme™?

  • Today’s leading Motorsport  teams use HPC’s HiPerCoat Extreme™ process with winning success where it easily withstands temperatures reaching 1300°C.
  • In New Zealand HiPerCoat Extreme™ is a must for turbo drag cars, (rotary and piston) circuit open wheeler and sedan cars, turbo bikes, Targa cars and any other high performance hybrid where heat needs to be tamed.
  • Classic, vintage, hot rod and replica vehicles benefit from the control of radiant heat that damages paint / wiring / plastic / fibreglass / body components. Heat from marine engines can also be controlled to reduce engine room temperature.
  • Unlike exhaust wrap HiPerCoat Extreme™ is bonded to the part, protecting it from high temperature corrosion. HiPerCoat Extreme™ will not absorb moisture, will protect the part from rust and is fully re-coatable.
  • Because of size constraints and dimensional changes HiPerCoat Extreme™ is only applied to the outside of parts. Available in Black and Cast Iron Grey (because of high temperature pigment stability) .

What to Coat

Turbo exhaust housing, turbo down pipes, turbo manifolds, turbo headers, rotary headers, cast manifolds and heat shields. HiPerCoat Extreme™ can be applied to steel, stainless steel, cast iron & aluminium and can be re-coated or in some cases re-touched.


Who uses HiPerCoat Extreme™ in New Zealand?

  • Cook Motor Racing
  • Curran Bros Racing
  • Pulse Performance
  • Many Top NZ Motorsport Teams

Intercooler Pipes

Coating intercooler pipes, inside and outside, will make them look great in your engine bay. The HiPerCoat coating will stop rust from forming on the inside or outside and will keep the cooled air charge cooler.

HiPerColour™ and HiPerCrystal™ colours can be applied to suit the colour scheme.

Other Uses

HiPerCoat Extreme™ not only controls heat in cars, bikes or trucks – it can also be used in industry. E.g. this Gas Burner Firing Tube. The HiPerCoat Extreme™ is the light coloured part of the tube. In this application the black top coat was not used.




Cast Iron Grey