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Industrial Coatings

High Performance Coatings offers a range of coatings specifically engineered to your coating requirements. For applications requiring a reduced coefficient of friction, as well as non-stick and chemical resistance in various environments, these coatings have the solutions to your needs.

SO1-K Wettable Matrix Coating

This inorganic single-bonded dry film contains a matrix selected to increase the lubricity and load-bearing capability when subjected to high pressure and mid-range temperatures. It provides excellent wear properties while reducing friction loads. In applications where solutions such as petroleum products are to be retained rather than shed, this process will increase the life of the components by helping to eliminate fretting, galling and seizure. Operating temperature: -73°C + 315°C.

Applications include:

  • Machine slides
  • Pistons in Bores – Hydraulic, Automotive or compressor
  • To protect heating elements

SO2-K: Non-Wettable Matrix Coating

Designed with PTFE, SO2 is a resin-bonded dry film lubricant/non-stick coating. Dissimilar metal corrosion between tightly compressed components will be greatly reduced after being treated with SO2-K. Useful to reduce friction, prevent scoring and galling or provide secondary lubrication in the event of failure of the primary (conventional) lubricant. SO2-K has excellent chemical resistance, a great operating temperature range up to 315°C and the best low friction characteristics available.

Applications include:

  • Folding Plates for Plastic Film
  • To stop Glues from sticking to Machinery


HPC’s PO2 is a premium quality, high temperature, chemical resistant coating with the additional benefits of good electrical properties, good mechanical properties with excellent release characteristic. PO2 is applied over a  primer to achieve excellent bond strength. The cured film has a service temperature rating of 260°C.

Applications include:

  • Trays for Heated Chemicals
  • A release coating for Paint Vats
  • To stop Molten Plastics from sticking
  • Vacuum Forming Tools that make Plastic Plates and Trays for Food
  • Heat Seal Tools for Food Packaging
  • Heated Paper Fibre Pressure Tool
  • Weld Plates for Plastic


High Performance Coatings’ PO4 is a two coat system used primarily for applications in the chemical processing industry. Exhibiting good abrasion and chemical resistance with some non-stick ability and a maximum working temperature of 100°C. Can be applied to most metals and is recoatable.

Applications include:

  • Mixer Blades
  • Agitator Shaft Assemblies
  • Spill Containment Frames
  • Motor Housing


Provides lubrication with extra corrosion protection. It is used to coat large studs, nuts, bolts, flanges and related hardware. Because of its predictable low friction properties, less “makeup” torque is required to achieve specified tension.
The frictional characteristics are the most predictable of any lubricant, coating or plating used on bolting. The low friction properties reduce ‘breakout’ torque which allows bolts to be removed with a spanner and not a gas torch. Temperature range 260°C continuous 315°C intermittent.
LO1 is also resistant to chemical attack. Matched with release properties it can protect components and make them easier to clean.

Applications include:

  • Nuts, Bolts, Threads in corrosive environments
  • Hot melt Glue tanks and application equipment

Food Grade Non-Stick Coatings

Engineered for non-stick (release) with outstanding corrosion and abrasion resistance under load with operating temperatures up to 315 C, this family of coatings offer outstanding results on biscuit stamps, confectionery moulds, tanks, elements, hoppers, vats, table tops, folding plates, sealing tools and the like. These coatings are approved for food contact.

SO9-S & SO9-K: Release Coating

HPC’s SO9 is a durable fluoropolymer coating material with outstanding non-stick properties. This coating is noteworthy because of two unique properties: it has arguably the best non-stick properties of any single coat non-stick coating; it is extremely flexible, allowing it to be post formed. Other attributes of this coating include good chemical resistance and cured films with glass like smoothness. It has a continuous use temperature of 204°C and intermittent temperature of 250°C and is completely colour stable at elevated temperatures. 
S = Light Grey in colour
K = Black in colour

Applications include:

  • Heat Seal Bars for Plastic Welding
  • Moulds & Rollers processing high sugar products
  • Folding Plates for Plastic Film

SO8-K: Non-stick, Low Friction Coating

This coating provides an excellent non-stick film on pans, food processing equipment etc. SO8-K uses FDA accepted components similar to HPC’s SO2 coating and has equivalent lubrication and chemical resistance properties with a low co-efficient of friction.

Applications include:

  • Folding Plates for Plastic Film
  • Machine Slides

SO7-K Non – Stick, Food Grade Coating

HPC’s SO7-K is a two coat non stick finish for premium quality cookware, it consist of a base coat /topcoat formulae which comes in an attractive dark metallic colour. Suitable for all kinds of food applications, including commercial machinery, restaurant equipment including warming trays and bake ware. Initial non stick and long term easy clean properties are superior. Has a continuous running temperature of 260°C