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High Performance Coatings In New Zealand

High Performance Coatings opened in New Zealand in 1994 and the use of HPC’s space age coatings quickly expanded into all areas of motorsports.

The quality of the coatings and their ability to solve problems soon became the talk of the automotive industry. Because this technology was new to New Zealand, HPC’s first mission was to inform potential customers of the long term benefits of using HPC coatings.

Industrial applications came to light as people saw HPC coatings ‘at work’ in tough situations in motorsports and realised that these same coatings could solve their problems.
 Late 1997 saw a shift in emphasis and HPC looked to spread its influence more strongly into industry and as time went on we realised we were running out of space.

High Performance Coatings moved to its current 7500 sq ft facility at the end of 1998. This extra space, more equipment and extra staff meant that HPC could cater for the increased need of our customers. The increased traffic from customers dropping off and picking up work prompted the move of the office in 2002 to an adjoining unit to provide a clean, tidy, quiet Office / Showroom environment.
During 2002 the processing area of HPC under went an overhaul and update which lead to re-organising the factory layout and the addition of more machinery and staff.

High Performance Coatings serves the needs of motorsports, street rodding, performance imports and rotary, professional race teams, corporate and local industry and supplies O.E.M. (Original Equipment Manufacturing) suppliers.

The Market
High Performance Coatings is strategically positioned at the top end of the performance coating segment, based upon high quality, durability, engineering support, government certifications and attractive appearance. To the consumer HPC stands for a product that will meet or exceed the demands of any level of performance. HPC’s coatings can be applied to virtually any metal alloy, many ceramics or glass and can be applied to act as a thermal barrier, yet be visually appealing and functional

With a solid foundation beneath us, HPC looks forward to the future in new and exciting markets worldwide.With the ever increasing performance demands of equipment and vehicles in the years to come, HPC is working to provide advanced coatings to prolong the life of critical components while increasing productivity and efficiency